Art World News is focused on making you the art publisher, art wholesaler, framing supplier, gallery owner and director, custom framer, and artist successful. We do so by creating the best-read trade magazine serving the art and framing industry. The relationship is simple. The more appealing and credible art dealers, retail galleries, custom frameshops and OEMs view the publication, the more time they spend with each issue they receive and the higher they hold in regard the information they derive from the magazine. This is why advertising works so well in Art World News.

Founded in 1996, Art World News was created by industry experts John Haffey, Sarah Seamark, and Brooks Male as a vehicle to provide the art and framing industry with a trade-only publication that is an independent news source offering galleries and frameshops the latest news, business strategies, and product and technology information. John Haffey, publisher, is an industry veteran, bringing a knowledge of not only the art and framing industry, but also of magazine and custom book publishing. Sarah Seamark, editor in chief, has worked in the industry for many years, as well as contributing to books related to the art world. Managing editor Koleen Kaffan joined the team in 2002, having previously worked for a fashion-related trade magazine.

The reason more long-standing quality publishers, art wholesalers, and framing suppliers advertise with Art World News on an exclusive basis is that the value they receive is unparalleled. The key to a successful advertising campaign is running a consistent program in a highly regarded, quality medium. We recognize this fact and offer the most competitive advertising rates in the business to allow our advertisers to maintain high visibility before their customers and prospects.

All our resources are focused toward creating opportunities that lead to your success. Our winning formula continues to help grow our clients’ businesses. We would like the chance to discuss your challenges and opportunities with you and would enjoy the opportunity to help you build your business.

The editorial mission of Art World News is to inform and inspire the gallery and frameshop owner and director. For our advertisers, through our products and services, we seek to create the foremost environment to foster profitable, mutually beneficial relationships among publishers, art wholesalers, framing suppliers, galleries, framers, artists, and dealers.

The editorial content of Art World News reflects and is shaped by the events and issues that currently affect the art and framing industry.

Reported by the most experienced editors in the business, Art World News ‘ industry leading coverage of late breaking events and news composes the first 40% of the magazine. From artist signings to new publishing ventures, to framing news and trends, succinct, fact-driven stories dominate the first part of each issue.

Presented in each edition, Art World News maintains consistent and focused coverage on the issues that most affect the success of art and framing retailers. Regular departments include:

Online: The industry’s first column devoted to selling art on the Internet.

Sales Training: Motivating instruction to help dealers sell more art.

Legal Issues: Expert opinion on the relationship between being a successful retailer and the law.

Artist Vitae: Personal commentary on where an artist has come from, what inspires them, and where they are going.

Corporate Dossier, Industry Calendar, New Art, Gallery Lights, What’s Hot in Open Editions and more!


Market Watch Provides coverage on issues ranging from technology to the latest developments in selling custom framing services from an art gallery.